Contest #1

Are you part of a Sweepstakes Club? We are looking for club group photos!!! Please email us in JPEG format the photo at

In the main body of the email include the following: name of group, # of members and how much as a group you have won in the last 12 months.

The deadline for submission is August 1, 2014

Contest #2

'Are you ready to win? We will supply the prizes, you supply the winner paddles! Be creative and bring those paddles to the convention in Orlando. There will be a category for clubs and one for individuals with three prizes given away for each.

The design is up to you, but there will be extra points awarded for tying into the convention themes of Florida or this year's Silver Anniversary.

Paddles will be judged at the convention.

Wave them high and wave them proud, but you better make them sturdy because we plan for you to be winning and waving your paddles all weekend long!
This contest will have two categories...
Individual - Use your imagination and create the luckiest, best and most amazing paddle.
Group - Coordinate or complement or just plain shear numbers. Create as a club or group of convention buddies
The rules - No loud noises, nothing that leaves a mess, no projectiles or anything that infringes upon your fellow sweepers enjoyment of the convention.

Contest #3

What activities around the Orlando area are you looking forward to visiting /eating at in when you come to the 25th Convention?

Everyone who posts gets an entry - You can post once per day per person - This time we are looking for unique entries! There are so many options let's find them all!

One person will be randomly selected to win a prize

This contest is now closed.
Donation Drawing

Win prizes by donating prizes! Check out the donation page by clicking here!
Contest #4

Picture Day - Take a Picture of you in front of your local Post Office or with your favorite Mail Carrier (Fed-EX and UPS included)

Please email us in JPEG format the photo at

In the main body of the email your name.

The deadline for submission is August 1, 2014 

Contest #5
See the theme days page

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